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How To Prevent Shoplifting In Ogden And Additional Business Security Tips

December 03, 2021

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Safeguarding against criminal behavior is a major concern for most enterprises -- particularly for small business owners. And many neighborhood locations can’t pay for full-time security professionals or other expensive anti-theft measures. However, there are a few effective and economical means to prevent shoplifting in Ogden to protect your bottom line.

Check out the following Ogden business security tips that are easy to implement and won’t inconvenience your frequent patrons.

Protect With A Wireless Security System

An essential element of your wireless security plan is having equipment that you're comfortable working with once it's been installed. An integrated network of wireless video cameras is a smart first step and will assist in keeping an eye on your premises. It's ideal to select ones that feature panoramic viewing, detailed high-def resolution, infrared technology, and motion sensoring to identify suspicious activity. Install a device in a high spot over your main door and get a total perspective of your interior, but you should also put them positioned to see the point-of-sale equipment and stockroom. These are prime locations for shoplifters and will help your employees feel more secure when assisting patrons.

Then round out your store’s defense with intrusion sensors at susceptible entryways within your location. The most comprehensive security package will offer 24/7 monitoring, which responds to a triggered event in a matter of moments. You will also want a configuration that uses a cell phone app, so you can look into the status of your business at any moment you want.

Display Alerts About Your Security System

The top Ogden business security tips are generally simple but valuable. For instance, displaying signage about your property’s protection near the main entry of your shop and close to the checkout area is often a surprisingly effective deterrent in preventing shoplifting. As a the owner of a business, you want to be forthright with shoppers, staff, and partners that your premises and products are defended. And simply mentioning that your location is under surveillance may warn off a potential shoplifter from attempting a crime.

Manage Access To Certain Spaces With Smart Door Locks

By restricting admittance to places like docks and storage rooms, you cut out a lot of ways that shoplifting might take place. A swinging door or simple curtain simply don’t work, as you’re not able to lock them. However, if you install smart locking systems on your entrances, you can benefit from an added level of security for your restricted rooms. Then give each employee a specific code, so if they ever leave your employ, you can delete their PIN.

Improper Illumination and Crowded Displays Enhance The Risk Of Shoplifting

There’s a greater likelihood of shoplifting when petty criminals are able to loiter in poorly lit spaces. Additionally, shoplifting goes up with overstuffed shelves and common areas. "Early Bird," Black Friday, and sale specials are particularly susceptible to presentations that are a challenge to keep under control. You may also find that clearance items are frequently shoved on an out-of-the-way shelf, which means they can be easily slid into a pocket or bag with little chance of being noticed.

When you come across a display with items regularly falling to the ground, lower the number of goods by a third or more. That could sound harsh, but you can always restock as you wish. Keep in mind, you are more apt to spot something amiss when you are able to observe an unwanted space in your arrangement.

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Start Protecting Your Shop With A Leading Wireless Security System

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